The ultimate goal of Taekwondo is to develop the character and personality of an individual through physical, mental and spiritual discipline. . It is a one of it's kind martial art which combines combat techniques, self-defence, sport, exercise, meditation and philosophy.

In Korean,TAE KWONDO means to strike or break with foot; TAE KWONDO means to strike or break with fist; and TAE KWONDO means way, method, or path. Thus,TAE KWONDO may be loosely translated as the way of the hand and the foot. became a demonstration sport on September 17th, 1988 in the 24th Seoul Olympics, and this became a bridgehead to spread TAE KWONDO world wide. TAE KWONDO became an official Olympic sport at the 103th IOC Assembly in Paris, France.

The Korean Language become an official language of the Olympic Games, joining English, French, and Japanese. TAE KWONDO is now an international martial art in 211 countries, and includes 100 million practitioners.

What we are

  • Eight-Dan Black-Belt Taekwondo Instructor (Grand Master Jeong Seong-Kuk)
  • Twenty eight -years of experience in teaching and disciplining trainees
  • Fifteen– years as national and international referee/ judge for black belt
    promotion test, Poomsae(Patterns) competition and Gyurugi(Sparing)competition
  • Twenty three – years experience in running Taekwondo Academy as a Chief Master
    Many awards from various Taekwondo organizations and regional societies
    Recognition in Demonstration and Performance of Taekwondo

Tae Kwon Do Means

  • "Tae" means to strike or break with foot;
  • "Kwon" means to strike or break with first;and
  • "Do" means way, method, or path.
  • Thus,"taekwondo" may be loosely renslated as the way of the hand and the foot.

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Benefits of TaeKwonDo  Discipline, Builds Confidence, Respect, Improve Study Habits, Self Control, Gains Focus & Concentration, Goal Setting, Reduce Stress, Increases Flexibility, Self Defence, Gain Physical Fitness, Diet & More!